About Testomato

Testomato is an advanced monitoring service for online businesses, which checks your website functionality in real time and alerts you when something goes wrong. With Testomato, it’s easy to set up complex tests in seconds and protect your business from losing customers due to unexpected website problems.

Meet our Passionate Team

Michall Illich

founder & investor

Michal built the search engine, Jyxo, which powered major portals in Czech Republic between 2002-2009. His team also developed Blog.cz (visited by 2 million users a month) and a PPC advertisement system. He sold his company to CETV. Since 2010, he’s enjoyed working on Testomato and other startups.

Roman Ožana

co-founder & developer

Roman was born to be wild, but finds that he still enjoys city life in Prague. He’s worked as a freelance web designer and developer for more than 10 years. His passions include: new technologies, clean simple design, programming, hiking mountain trails, and reading books.

foto: Vojtěch Semecký

Vojtěch Semecký

product & developer

Digital nomad, micropreneur, moonlighter and technological heretic. Vojtěch loves South-east Asia, mainly Thailand, and use engineering and marketing skills to improve the product Testomato.

Diana Bocco

marketing & customer care manager

Diana moved to Prague with her three dogs after living in NYC, Russia, Vietnam, and Thailand. She's been a freelance writer and author for over a decade and now also spends time helping Testomato users have the best possible experience when trying website monitoring.