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Testomato monitors your website for problems that make your business vulnerable

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Start running checks in seconds to verify your website is working. Monitor the interactions most important for your customers by automatically testing them on set intervals.

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Reduce your time-to-resolution. Testomato runs website checks every 5 minutes and monitors uptime performance every 15 seconds!

Easy-to-read reports

Track site performance to identify error patterns and prevent future issues. Stay one step ahead of problems!

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Web pages and forms

Web pages and forms

Password-protected pages

Password-protected pages

Common error messages

Important SEO checks

Common error messages

Common error messages

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HTML and string checks

Network & SSL issues

Network & SSL issues

Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring

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Response time

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A broken or slow site is no longer acceptable

Never rely on guesswork to ensure your website is working. Testomato checks both public and password-protected areas of your website with automated tests for error messages, HTTP status codes, missing content, broken forms, missing Google Analytics code and blank pages. It’s easy to customize tests that focus on the website interactions that are key to customer success.

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Find problems before your clients do

Discover issues on your website when they happen, so you are the first person who knows when something goes wrong. Take control of your online performance with detailed email and browser extension notifications about error messages, outages, content changes, and network issues.

Deliver higher quality websites

Schedule checks to run as often as every 5 minutes and check your uptime every 15 seconds to minimize the impact of issues on your users. Fewer errors means happier customers who keep coming back for more!


Get easy-to-read reports

All your website test results are neatly organized and stored in easy-to-read reports. Dig deeper in your data with daily, weekly, and monthly digests to get the information you need. Make responsible decisions about improvements and monitor your response time to keep your website running smoothly.

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